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Today is definitely a different day- I have at least one reason to be happy. My Science MCQ exam went pretty good. I’m loosing 3 marks tops, 6 marks tops in theory. That makes me eligible for an A1, or maybe I’d just get an A2. But I didn’t know I had the possibility of getting an A1, until my friend told me I could get it!

My exams are over today. We’re going […]

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Quick Update

I’ll almost be relieved tomorrow, from exams. But I know how badly I’ll do in Science, I hope MCQ goes well. Sigh.

Life’s been good- thanks to the fact that I’ve been […]

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Sherlock Holmes / Wake Me Up

Indeed it does feel great to have a movie night after months together, or well, maybe one year and a month..I might have had it, but not this way- not in my own home and with a movie of my choice.

Great movie, 10/10, I might have over rated but I bet it’s nothing below an 8.5!

What did I do today? Studied just one Hindi chapter..wasted time around, and a secret, which you’ll know with time.

Good night world.