Happy Birthday!

Oh well..it was February 2, but anyways!

The only (well..among the only three) good thing that happened was Bella..and two other friends, like my best ones! The party was more of planned by one of the friend and Bella..

It was great to see her around..but there was a slight negativity present in me, when I looked inta’ her eyes, which I wouldn’t like to share here! Anyway..was great! Haha..sorry I’m repeating the same thing, but I have no words! [Or maybe, I don’t want to use all the awesome words =D ].

Oh well..just to say it here, she looked heaven as cute, as ever! And no wonder, she looked like another ‘one of a kind’ of her friends, someone I admire! Oh damn..you thought I like her?! No!! I admire her..that means I like her ways.. [which I don’t know..lol] and her positivity and happiness!

Listening: Happy Birthday – The Click Five


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