Friends / Candles

Someday or the other, you do realise things you never thought you would. Would I have ever known that staying with my friends keeps me from being sad..I do agree that they aren’t the best of my friends..but I have no regrets from them! [Best ones..I have none from you two..but this was just to say that neither they do..but they aren’t just great enough to be a best one, like you]


I fell in love with Cassadee and her bands’ song Candles! And so I decided I decided this to be my Facebook status..along with a new profile picture which you next to this!

I personally like it..I would have edited it a bit, but guess it’s too good already!


Sweet, right? I love it..and the song again! I even learnt it on guitar..and OMG, Cassadee is soo cute, and her hairstyle is beyond explaination! Check her in this video doing the acoustic of Candles! I seriously wish they made a video to it!



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