A Day Before You Turn 17

And finally..tomorrow is my birthday! Yeah..I know that this day will seem to be just a minute long when it’s over! After all, that’s just what happened on my last birthday!

I feel great..honestly..I did not plan anything for myself, it’s Bella who’s doing everything for me! So so sooo good of her! ❤

Anyway, we had our Math Practical today, and I got Pythagoras Theorem, if anyone needs to know! 😉 I did pretty well on the writing part and I’m sure for a 10 on 10 for that. Viva was decently good. I made two mistakes, out of six questions! So, that’s 2 marks less, and say 1 or 2 marks less in class assessment, which makes it 16-17 on 20! Good enough. But I guess they’ll put up a 19 as they do for most students.

Tomorrow we have Science. It’s a random selection-whether we get Biology, Chemistry or Physics. I rather hope it’s Chemistry or Physics! The only thing that I suck at is the viva’s- no matter how well I prepare or know, I’d make silly mistakes- have some kinda fear! Stupid fear, I know!

Alright, so I bumped into an old friend today- and much honestly, I’m alive today because of her. If she hadn’t forced me into telling (or much appropriately saying, proposing) my ex-girl friend, I’d be sent to the heavens (or would it be hell? Probably not!)above already. And if my ex-girlfriend was two days late in letting me know that she likes me too, maybe this blog wouldn’t have existed!
When I ask myself, “Rupal, would you seriously have done it?”, I reply saying, “Yeah..perhaps! There was still a chance I’d skip it, but the chances of doing it was better!”

Listening: I Can Wait Forever – Simple Plan


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