A brief look at the day!

Alright..so I’m not going to write about anything in detail..but here’s a short look at it-

  • Listening to Hey Monday, and I guarantee that I’ll be a fan if I listen to it another 2-3 times!
  • The retest at tuition was much the same as yesterday..guess we’ll have a retest again! I guess everyone has realised that reading the book will be necessary!
  • I improved the forum! Check it out!
  • I am finally getting my hands on the solo of Crawl Back In! But now, I guess I’ll do scales..the ladder to solos!
  • A time-back friend of mine asked me for counselling and I freaked out at that word! And she wants it in real world, and that’s what makes it hard- since we can’t talk anywhere. But today, we decided on ‘someday after tuition’ !



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