School – Day 2

Sounds strange? Well, it is. Today – the second day at school since they reopened after the winter break, and it was horrible than the last time I went. It was a fairly okay start – the only problem being the availability of hot water to take a bath..the same thing that was there on the first school day. And this time too, Dad had to drop me to school. But hell yeah, how cool it was! The fog was freakin’ amazing! I loved has it’s disadvantages, but how cool it is! xD

Then it’s time to face the class, the class teacher. A guitar, an extra bag, and of course the same bag fairly heavily loaded! Wave at the door..a voice asks, “Do I come in?” and a silent nod. I come in..I smile.. [Not much..just a slight change of expression]. He asks me how I am and I politely reply saying that I got well on Thursday-way back! It was a small conversation. Then I turn around by an angle of 90 degree [Lol..I didn’t calculate it!] and look at the class- not welcoming them to my world, just having a look and wondering where I’m going to sit. And then I find one seat and the moment I point that guy and ask him if I can come, sir says I’m going to sit with him..hmm..two forces in agreement works great! So, it was great till we were preparing for the social science test. I guess there were only two faces giving a surprised smile at me- one Alicia [If you remember..]. I sat on the desk next to them. They kept me much busy in talks and everything and nothing seemed to bug me. I liked it the way it was- broken relations, annoying people, until it was the third period when a band member [Well, so called band] came to call me. I went with him..while he told me about the magical story [A clash is definitely a magic if you come to it after weeks, or months!] — I walk to the principal’s office, sway the door inwards, and said “May I come in? / Good morning sir”, all polite! He’s busy doing something on his cell [Exactly the same as mine, as one of my friend knows it]. I give a questioning glance at him, wondering if he is ready to listen to what I have to say. He gives an acceptable look back- though seemed like he was the one questioning me- Why are you quiet? So, I started to speak representing the band and telling him what happened and how our performances were delayed twice, and finally cancelled. He looked at me and asked me to tell it again! So I did, with a more delicate choice of words, and more formalised sentences- the way I like it. And then began the fight of words. Two gentle swords [well, one way more gentle and experienced than the other..way more] struck! — Cutting off what he and I said, I quit his office saying, “Thank you.. [and not to give him the wrong interpretation] ….for attending!” and the door sways again. Till the point the door was first swayed, everything was perfect, and then, it was beginning to turn around into a mess – and so it did.

I had to bunk two classes ‘cause I couldn’t just step in and say I was here and there, since I was definitely to be objected, and made to be felt like I’m in a prison. Then it was recess. Boring. Annoying. Lonely. What else? The other four classes – geography, math, and biology were okay- honestly, not okay! Geography was boring. Math wasn’t just acceptable. As expected, and as not hoped, he did not listen to my individual preparation idea. He just went on the way he does – all solid, no sign of understanding or peace. I walked upto him when he was slapping and shouting at a stupid guy [well, the most stupid and annoying one of our class, and I though I might as well test how he behaves to me- I was surely not prepared for anything physical, just nothing more than words]. And well, that’s what kinda happened. A slight anger in his voice, solidness of course, and order.

That moment, I was pissed. I felt like it’s the teachers who blend in to make this education system and it’s content suck. Oh well, I let it be. What could I do?

Biology was pretty boring. Studied a little myself. Couldn’t ask a question from mam. And I couldn’t even get what she was saying. I mean, she’s a great teacher with a pretty good touch in English, that I like, but I didn’t get it today- and I hate that fact!

I thought I’d write as soon as I reach home. But I didn’t, since I was quite taken in with Linkin Park’s new website, where I found some great fans like me.

That did make me feel better. Tuition was great. She was scolded. And I felt like..bad. And the rest of the day was great as well. We have a retest tomorrow on tuition [No one actually did the reproduction in a flower part well.]



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