Password-Protection / The Best Day at Tuition?

Just for note, I password protected the entire blog. Well, not exactly.

But this guy who’s got a name similar to Robbed has actually robbed stuff from my blog, so I took this action. I’m so disappointed that I’m not available to the general public now! I’m looking for a work-around or I’ll try and get that guy straight [which isn’t likely]

My tuition test went pretty good. I was the first one to submit, and who knows, maybe with the most correct answers. And not many came today [I loved it]. One guy, and two girls were not there, and trust me, it felt so great! It’s like that you don’t have an audience now..and that one guy is getting his batch changed! 😀 That means I can have more talks with the ‘tuition girl’, like I did today- well, it was mostly her asking me things, but that does mean we were talking!
I might have had better days..but who knows, this might be the best one!

Not writing about other things today.
Did you guys check out the forum? I’m waiting to hear your comments!



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