Innovate, don’t follow!

Following someone is no bad deal, but wouldn’t it be all the way better if you innovate? If you become unique, would it be such a pain? If you had goodwill for others and accept them as they are, would it be so hard?
It’s so really depressing (actually depressing) to see others do what I do. Then what’s the whole point of doing something different, in the first place? Sure you can give me more than a hundred examples on how following someone else did wonders, or maybe examples where following worked wonders, and side by side, innovation would fail! But that’s not what I want- I want you to tell me why you are doing the things that you are doing these days? Because someone else did, you liked it, and wanted to do it yourself? Well, damn you! Won’t you love it when what you do is what others follow? Hey, I don’t but maybe you do!


Anyway, apart from this, here’s what I wrote last night (It would have been a single short post, but oh well)

There is no direction in my life. God? I haven’t spoken to him since so long. When I was thinking last night [which is last night, now], I felt so lonely; so if I’ll not be able to find the direction I need to, and I’ll be left alone even so more! Forgive me for the me the light now..been in the darkness for too long!


Listening: Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s
Feeling: Afraid of tomorrow (school day)


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