Long Day

As I promised..I’ll write everyday!

I have almost completed the chapter which I have to give a test for tuition on Monday, and I realised that my Math Practical file is 95% complete. The rest is what I’ll complete tomorrow morning, along with Math and preparation for the Social Science test.

I set up the new forum today, along with 8 themes, and the rules. I will give you the address tomorrow! 😉

Just for a note, Bella was really happy today.
But I need to figure out something..today, it felt like that love was missing from my side. Something didn’t feel right. I guess I was too worked up, like I am now! Let’s see if we do okay the next time.

Wow, did you guys know my birthday is so close?! 2nd of February! Bella and I talked about it today. She has suggested me brands and places to buy clothes from, and herself is preparing some gifts. Oh well, let’s see how many gifts I receive in total, or ho many valuable ones! 😉

That’s it for the day!


Listening: Nothing again! =D


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