No school today again. Gave up when I woke up in the morning, but it was actually very interesting! I woke up twice at night and checked the time. When I woke up for school, I was like not in a mood to, didn’t! I was awake for half an hour, then slept, then woke up, slept, woke up, slept, and then finally woke up! Haha!

Tuition was sort of good today. I’m sharing something I wrote on my mobile notes while I was listening to music, outside my teacher’s home (as per my usual daily plan). “ Just the way I thought it’d be! She’s talking to someone offence! Just what I thought makes it worse for me. Sigh. Now this is gross. I’m making it worse for myself! Huh!”
Honestly, I like her [why I write it that way is because I want straight statements- not sorta, or kinda]. To explain it, no, I’m not interested in being into anything more than friends! I’m making it clear. =]
Yesterday, the first tuition day after so long, was bad. She wasn’t talking to me properly, and she was on her same ‘commenting’ mood! But today, she was normal to me! Great, right?

Also, as you can see..I worked up on the blog- put up a new theme, calendar, subscription button, twitter updates and my stuff on the right side, and some small tweaks in the settings!
I am also working on my forum, you know. I’ll let you know whenever I’m done setting it up!

Now, since I’ll be going to school Monday onwards, I want a fresh start (which I know will be ruined). I have the following things, which I’m going to do tomorrow and day after tomorrow!

  • Complete Math Practical File
  • Prepare for History Test
  • Complete Trigonometry in Math
  • Ask my Math teacher to let my study myself in the class. This is going to need some work, live!
  • Prepare for a biology test, due Monday, at tuition

Haha..don’t mind me sharing this stuff, do you?
Anyway, I did have a reasonably good day, and hope you had a nice day too!

Listening: Nothing =P


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