Why ?

* Sigh *..

I feel so terrible – simple enough to say!

I feel like I’m frozen in a time where I’m stuck in darkness..feel like I need something..I want something very badly! I don’t wanna smile..don’t ask my why; I don’t wanna breathe anymore, but I keep it going for others! But is that the whole point? But that means that it’s not my life, it’s theirs!

How will you know why until you scream it out loud? Hell..where do I go and let the tears hit the floor? This world is just..not where I belong. I wanna go away from this place..to some place better, to some place that has good people. Life feels so hard to take..and that love once again fails to keep me up and smiling..it fails to keep me happy; to remember the reasons!

It’s too late! It’s been too long she’s been gone, but I don’t even want her back..just wanna break down over it! I wanna find my release [inner voice: which, hello, doesn’t exist!]. I guess it isn’t that bad to feel your throat choke..

I thought I’d write so much more……

Listening: Pieces – Red


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