It’s about that girl!

Just a little update for those who are curious! 🙂

So..we had our tuition finally on 4th..Sir wasn’t home..I wasn’t aware of that were the girls who came to know when they went upstairs! So, went back home!

5th Jan..just walked upto the tuition with music in my usual, and waited outside. Then she came..and we had a a smooth conversation..and to my surprise, she wasn’t really making fun of me..I was glad about that! Then she asked me if Sir was there..I said I don’t know, ‘cause I didn’t check! Again..had to go back home..he wasn’t there!

6th Jan..was listening to music at tuition! Then she came..had another warm convo..but it didn’t last long..Sir wasn’t there again!

7th Jan..another warm convo! ^_^ But this time, we had a friend who arrived we broke off (as in boys went to their place..and girls to was me, my friend..and she). She comes and stand near to me..but guess what, she goes away after 5 minutes and talks from a distance! Why? Because I notice some people looking at is that? O.o Indian mindsets..great! This time..Sir was home! So, attended..laughed somewhat at her, when the boys made fun..though I didn’t really want to! I hope she got it in her head that I need to laugh..not want to!

And for today, 8th January, I didn’t goto tuition! It was really early..10.30 am! Hell! I wake up between 10 and 11! And well, we have tuition at this time for another 2 or 3 days, that is till 10th. And I don’t think I’m going..I’m so pissed off with myself anyway!

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