Oh well..what’s gone wrong?

So, I guess you’re lucky 😉 !

Anyway..Happy New Year! Haha..did you notice the last post I made was on 31 December (or was it 30?) and since then, I haven’t posted?


Well..what should I talk about? Got my result two days back..and it worse than expected (though I was expecting nothing)..I started studying from that day, and the next, did first two chapters in Math, as per the plan of doing two chapters everyday. But then from yesterday, I’m not studying! I feel so..irritated. (Not the word I intend to use, but that’s what came to me). Mom’s been so..eh..irritating (again?) to me..I don’t know why! I installed San Andreas Multiplayer yesterday, and I played that today for 8 hours! Wow..seriously, that’s something to mourn about! That’s like my soul has changed! Replaced? Possible not! I did not take a bath today..and maybe this has happened after months..neither did I take proper breakfast or lunch!

Guess how long has it been since I interacted with love with any friend? Days! Damn..feel so alone..wishing that there was a restart button..or time travel..I would go back a few days..just to the day I got the report card..and keep my hopes and hard work up. I don’t know what to write anymore..let’s just end it up here!


I’m missing you Bella..


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