New Moon / Flashback

Hey world!

Just (well, been 30 minutes) finished with New Moon. Was cool…but guess that’s true only if you’ve read the book!

Now, what I wanna write down..

How long has it been..since you walked away? That evening..those days..I didn’t have net..was broken like hell..and so I got EDGE on my phone. Facebook? Yeah. The previous day..talked to a friend..he forced me to greet her..and I had to do it..he would be pissed off if I didn’t..and I had to, infront of him! She replied..but hell..I knew she didn’t want was “accidental”. Yeah! Accidental! But the friend said there’s not really something like “an accidental hi”..but I knew it! And I was right! That evening..when I logged in..saw your message..but couldn’t read it, ’cause a friend who shouldn’t be with me, was! So, I waited. Don’t remember when I read it..but it was a curse to stay alive after reading that harsh of a message…two long messages instead! So what if half the stuff was wrong? It didn’t matter..that’s what I was to her.  Just like anyone else, infact, lot worse. Trust me when I say lot. I mean it more than those three letters!

New Moon? Yes..peaceful..just (rather, exactly) what I needed. I picked up the right book at the right time. Reading pain, in utmost glorified language. Yes..that made it better. To see someone in pain read that person..that was just right! Feeling like I’m not alone..getting the words I need to express my pain! Bella Swan (from Twilight Saga) got a hole in her chest…that hurt so bad!! I dug up one too..I nurtured it, infact! I asked it to grow..and give me more pain! The thoughts..memories..words..flashbacks..smiles…emotions..sadness..everything would come and throw itself at me, in the best possible way..a way that would keep me from crying..but maybe that was to collect make it up all that it’s more and more each day!

That’s enough I guess..I don’t feel like writing my thoughts now..I just wanna feel it..let me!

Listening to: The noise of the keyboard, and my mind.


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