Aaaa!!! New Year! :D

Hehe..hell yeah! You are right! I’m in a good mood, so I’m not gonna talk about any depressing stuff, you know!

Listening to The Click Five while posting this. They are great guys. If you want, I’ll post the names to their best songs.. 😉
Check them out..

Apart from promotion of an un-popular band, let’s see what’s up here! 😀

Well, guess what, I wasted almost 26 days of December? Wait, I said almost!! No, I wasted all of them and exactly 26! So, now I am really worried! I don’t know what to do for the rest of the five days! So, please drop in your ideas! That’ll be great of you..or let me know what you guys and girls are doing..I might take some inspiration from ya, or innovate using your doings as a base! 😉

I’ve already wasted my Christmas doing nothing..I don’t want the 5 days wasted! So please, post your idea (as comments) RIGHT NOW! I’ll be grateful!

Listening To: Angel To You, Devil To Me – The Click Five
[P.s. – I suggest you listen to Empty and Catch Your Wave!]


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