Is that girl gone?

Good evening!

First, a happy news [mostly happy for me and my friends, not for you xD], I tried writing a CD at 4x [lowest speed] since I had to goto a friend’s house and transfer some music to my MP3 player. Sigh..’cause my USB ports don’t work! And wonder, after 20 minutes of waiting patiently for it to complete, it was done!! It worked! I was damn happy.

Anyway, to the point. Is the tuition girl gone? She was all that happy today..but you know what, not *that* I couldn’t see it, in whatever amount of time I saw her. I barely looked at her for total of 30 seconds. Let me arrange it for you. was 4:25, when it came to my mind that I had to goto tuition..hehe..exactly the right time! So, I was just listening to some demo songs of Linkin Park, and getting ready. Left at 4:29, I think. And as usual, during the walk, I’d play some great music..Owl City..One Republic [Those are my favourites..if you saw the about me page]..and I’d see people- what they’re upto- and the most stupid [I find it stupid!], I smile uselessly! Don’t know why, but happens lot of times. So, I reached Sir’s house around 4:37. I go at the same time, everyday. I’m the first one to reach there. Sir allotted the time 5 pm, or rather 5:10, I think.

I was listening to some Secondhand Serenade [let’s just say some awesome soft music] stuff I took from the same friend I went to with myMP3 player. So, I stood there. Music. Thoughts. A beating heart. I was much looking at the long narrow stretch of road. Her house is in the same row as Sirs’. Two reasons. One, someone else would come, although I don’t really want anyone to come. Two, she’d come. The wait was endless today, but not excited about it at all! I turned on songs called “Awake”, “Goodbye” and a few like this. Sadness. Whatever. Not exactly sadness. She wouldn’t come. She had been coming late since a few days, perhaps a week. And then, finally, she was coming. Wait, what do you think? Was I happy to see her? Nope..not much. Not more than a bit. All I cared about that moment was that she was coming, looking at her or not didn’t bother me. I looked that direction again, to confirm she was still there..that she didn’t turn around and and go home..or whatever [although that has the least probability]. And I’d skip going into the details now..I’m short of time.. [sorry if anyone likes the details]. So, we had a test on tuition today-that I didn’t know about, since I was absent for the last two days! I knew half the stuff of what Sir gave. And he was somewhat strict today. Unusualness. =/ And throughout the test, I looked at her once-for a fraction of a second-just to satisfy myself..that she’s there..and I saw her. You know..she’d give me atleast one comment. And I would then look at in agreement, or sometimes disagreement! She passed me a comment today..and..I didn’t look at her…I didn’t smile…I didn’t bother. I didn’t like it much, but oh well! And it went..and my first eye contact today..lasted a second. I can’t describe what I saw in those eyes….as in innocence..sadness..happiness..what emotion was lying underneath! It felt unusual sadness though.

I don’t know it just me, who took that incident to heart and now doubts her happiness ? Or is that she isn’t really happy-something’s gone wrong in her life..? I just don’t know…..don’t know if I’d like to know what the truth is, either.



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