Oh no! That shouldn’t have happened!

Well, that’s about yesterday. An incident right in the morning.

Same forceful get ups for school. Got up like 20 minutes late [but I just couldn’t be late because I get up 15 minutes early than I should]. After getting ready, I left for the stop..obviously. As soon as I got out of home, I could see a monkey in the distance. It was one, not too strong. Weird. Weak monkeys would never prefer to be out alone. I went on..and shit!! There were loads of them..infact, there were probably two groups of ’em, warming up for a fight or something. The big ones were already..mmm..hooting or something. I quickened my pace, thinkin I MIGHT escape them..they were on coming from the other side, about to reach my way to the stop. And bang, when I was at the corner house, before the turn that’s towards the stop..they were all there! I was stuck in a fight, right in the middle, of the two groups! Now, the second group which came my way was fast compared to their normal pace. Now wtf? Where could I go to be at a safe distance? My hearbeat was so fast..I looked at the house gate to my left..I hoped it would be open and I could get! I gave it a try..it was open (That was a BIG relief, but not enough to slow down my heartbeat back to normal). I didn’t care to close it, about three of the monkeys were as close as 10 m. to me! I got to the corner of the house..hoping no monkey would come jumping from the walls..ehh…creepy..!! I was still so scared. And then an aunti came outside (I was glad I opened the gate noisily), and she was friendly enough. She quickly got two sticks..and I felt much safer! As soon as almost 90% of the second group was out of the way, I saw the bus..and damn, all the students had already got into the bus..I, very hastily ran, the gate, then the other society gate, and the bus..I almost stopped a distance away from the bus, expecting the driver won’t stop the bus, since he usually doesn’t. And I was like – Great. Now walk to the other stop..bad morning!!. But he stopped. Great, right? I got in..so happy that I was safe! I didn’t get a moment to say Thanks to aunti, but I thanked God..

Don’t think I’m stupid. There was a reason I was afraid. I remember the first time I so badly got scared of monkey a few years back. That fear still lives in me. I was getting over it, but now it lives again!

The incident took place on November 20, 2009.


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