10 August 2009 (Couldn’t think of something else :P)

Phew! I’m posting after such a long time..and well, I am here to share something..!

It was about 5 pm when I went to the roof, just to contemplate about my life, to enjoy the wind! Such a relief to be alone, to feel free, to be myself..anyway..I could well see kids and my friends playing in the park. So, I marched off after 5-10 minutes. Couldn’t play well today, though kinda played ok. And then he came! Yes, a damnit politician who lives 2 houses next to mine. I always loathed him and his people. And so he began to teach about 16 of us a game. He divided us into 2 teams. He said that we never would have played that game. But Alas! It was Kabaddi, lol ! Then he was instructing us, and that too in English. He was wearing some very loose and old Indian type clothes, typically something like a dhoti. You won’t have heard of the fellow and so I am not mentioning his name here. Let’s say Mr. X. He was standing next to him, almost next to him.I looked away for a while and didn’t actually hear what Mr. X said, but after a moment, he slapped on Mr X’s head. And 5 minutes later, he was nose bleeding. What he had to say was it was because of the heat (Hey! How hot is it at 6.50 pm ?). We all very well knew that he had actually slapped him tighter than he should have (Afterall, his size was BIG!). And then the drama, which you can imagine yourself. But one interesting thing to share. While some aunti’s (married women) came to the point of interest, one of that politician’s fellow was recording the event very cleverly (mobile video). But not so clever for me and my likes. 😉

So, what he was here was I think, timepass and having fun around with kids and auntis. What he did was, intentionally slapped him on his head, then one of the mates began to record, probably showing how caring he is. Perhaps, he shows it to his friends, or people. One of my friend commented that it was for his votebank.

Lol ! Whatever, that’s what I had to share.

Good night world!
I might write again, tomorrow!


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