Away from the sun..

Today turns out so strange to me, rather I turn out so strange to the day ! I didn’t do any homework, but slept for over 3 hours which I normally wouldn’t. The incomplete homework doesn’t fear me. The teachers can’t scare me. I feel lonely..a lonely victim of this weird sadness. Franky, even the closest person to me doesn’t seem to be closest right now. Maybe I feel lonely because I want to be lonely.

It rained today. I was sleeping. When I woke up, it was nice..rain is what I want. Walking alone in the rain..but it scares walk alone on the street. I feel so insecure – anyone can come and just kill me right then. I know I am beginning to sound so different and strange these days, but that’s what I feel and that’s why I made this blog – to write my feelings as they are.

I’ll never be back to what I was, or be better than that.

Listening To: Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol


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