Another entry..nothing great !

I was just doing my chemistry chapter. I have a test tomorrow and I need to score well enough. Afterall, the teacher believes I am a nice student, and this will sorta get me prepared for preboards. Well, but I am here, posting on my blog. That’s because I’ve have not much time to come online, and now that I am online, no one else is. And I love to write anyway.

Almost no music today, and the days are beginning to pass like this now ! Whao..!! Anyway, today, I’m gonna write to myself.. =)

Alicia (Imaginary name)- What do you want from me ? You say that you have forgotten your past and you have started living your life again, like you did time back. But still, somewhere, you want to get back to ‘us’ and I don’t really know why, if you have an urge to forget and bury your past. Yes, we were good but we broke up girl! Fate has brought has together again, like it did the previous year, and you look into my eyes now, as if you’re expecting something — something that will sooth your heart just like it used to months ago. But it’s lost, and it hurts me to be with you now. I am being selfish and stupid, I know. But being with you hurts, although there’s still an urge to be with you, and to talk to you. God knows what can we call this!

Bella(Imaginary name again)- I don’t exactly know how I feel about you at the deepest corner in my heart. I don’t know if my love is unconditional, but yes, I do care for you ! When I see you smile, it freezes me in happiness for the moment! When you laugh and I am the reason, I feel good, very good. But because I don’t get to see you, what I have to do is to open your pictures on my laptop, and see you, stare into your eyes, look at your feels awesome! 🙂

I am done I must get back with my chemistry preparation, else I flunk !


3 thoughts on “Another entry..nothing great !

  1. Saloni

    hey mr.imperfect!..
    this one pr relle perfect!!…similar thots and feels that i had once!!..u know it sometimes surprises me how we really match sometimes in ritin stuff!..
    perfect !!!


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