20 July 2009

I played cricket today, just because there was nothing else to do at the park. The weather was nice, so I didn’t wanna get sad, and so I gave it a try – to keep myself busy and happy! And the one thing that came to my mind when I got back home was – Life is actually like cricket. If you’ve been playing and practicing since years, you are good at it, you know what the rules are and people accept you and give you a better position in the game. But if you don’t know how to give it a go, then you are much like a loser (the case is different if you play for fun) who means very little to the team!

Applying that to life, if you study well and by heart, you can soar high. But if you don’t, then get ready to face the common, usual and boring place in the society!

And hey, well, I coulnd’t score even a run today! 😛 The last time I tried, atleast I scored 6 runs.. 😀

Anyway, right now I’m kinda down. Have you ever thought how it would feel to be free from all the bonds you are bound in, to feel the breeze through your hair and the wind through you and to be yourself ? It feels awesome, trust me. Much like an open mind feeling something that he ever won’t forget. But hey, it’s hardly gonna happen to everyone on this planet. It’s only some people who get to feel it – by will or by luck ! So good luck to all of you who wanna know what it’s like. 😉

I kinda wish we had more than 24 hours in a day. I have to spend half the part studying and that leaves me with very less time to do other things, including enough sleep. It bugs me a lot! Sometimes, I skip homework because I feel frustrated with too much of homework and no time for chatting or music!

Listening To: End Of The Beginning – 30 Seconds To Mars


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