Those of you who know me, must be surprised to see that I’m writing about cricket – the game that fascinates the majority of the people in India. The reason why I am writing this is that today, we had to play cricket in my school. It’s really sick. I had a talk with the Principal about this, and he told me that we guys will play basketball in, like, July. He told me that he had planned it. Well, it’s already over mid of July and no sign of Bball !

I am starting to believe that most Indians are born with the cricket blood, regardless of their success in that field. And all I did today was stand in a corner, where the possibilty of getting the ball least, and ran twice to catch it! Sick ! Why to indulge in something you don’t want to and when you have the other option (but it’s just blocked)? I didn’t bat or ball either.

Listening to: The Little Things Give You Away – Linkin Park


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