I Feel Love !

Looking at the stars at night, alone with the wind, I feel I am no more alone, for you are with me ! I know you’ll never leave. And if we ever fight, we’ll get back together again. I promise you! We are for eternity, till the end of time and universe.

If I am without you, I am incomplete..I am imperfect. With you, it’s all right ! I am complete, perfect, and happy! I love you so much dear! You soothe my soul to the inside. Your voice makes me happier than how I was a moment ago. You are like the light on the grass – you make me shine and look better, be better. If my friends are with me today, you are the reason !

Always shine like a star
and make me shine too
We’ll never be far
Just need love that’s true..
And we already have that! =)


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