No one’s perfect..but I wish I could get closest to that perfection !! I want to be happy, I want to be satisfied..!! Don’t tell me to be happy, I don’t want you saying that..don’t tell me to live my life, I don’t wanna do that right now! I feel broke, confused and as if I’ve been dragged to a lighted corner!!

I don’t even know why I am sad..but one reason (which you will find stupid) is that I miss who I was, the people I knew, the way I was my closest to perfection ! I want myself back..I don’t understand and even you won’t ! How would you feel when someone loves you so much but you don’t feel the love inside for that that love has dug a hole and hidden somewhere, out of your reach?

I need me, I need my life, I need my friends..I need to feel the love…..

Listening to: Perfect – Simple Plan


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