People always are prone to being confused in life. They can be confused about anything – crush, studies or work. But I don’t know what I’m confused inside with. I’m all tangled..not so desperately looking for a way out. I’ve got two best friends..and until yesterday, I felt like hiding from one of them, and today, I feel like hiding away from everyone – my friends, family – everyone; except that one friend of the two. I deserted another close friend of mine, for two reasons..both of them are stupid, but important.

Does a time have to come where you have to choose between friends ? Why do we lose control and faith in ourself ? I am not curious for the answers, but I’m more curious for letting you know the questions I have in my mind..

I feel so sad when I look at me. My mind says, “This is me, and there’s no one click way to erase this person!” It’s so hard being a happy soul. What’s the worth of the happiness for which you have to keep on striving and still feel just a part of that happiness ? Is something missing in me ? My friend says that I don’t value things, and that I should.

Everyday, when I wake up, I think, “I wish I could sleep, and just not goto school. It’s somewhat hard to face everyone” and then I wake up, get ready and goto my school, unwillingly. I spend hours and hours there. But when it’s finally over, I feel happy. But no, I have to go home and start studying again! But that’s not the problem! Studying alot is the sad part.

Whatever, if you want to make me okay, don’t comment. If you feel you have something to say, go on.


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