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Blog moved!

As promised in the preceding post, I have bought my own domain for a term of 1 year. I’ll hopefully find it feasible to extend.

You can now visit my blog at http://paperbird.in/blog/ http://ruppalsingh.in/journal/ and be sure it won’t change for years to come 😉


Blog moved :)

Hey guys,

Just a note that you can visit the continued blog here. The address is http://thepaperbird.cu.cc. However, by January 15, 2013, it will be changed to either – thepaperbird.com or thepaperbird.me

Jake 🙂


A part of my thought that won’t seem to go beyond itself in words and feeling. Just stuck.
So, this isn’t love, is it? If I am even a little selfish, it is not. But if I want her so much, it should be. But then again, it’s just not meant to be, and it’s not supposed to be like that, so it should not be. If I am jealous with her being happy with anyone else, it should not be. Eh, this is not something I should be thinking about.



This is out of my want-controlled hand. I’m fed up and I can’t endure it anymore. You don’t seem to care. You are hurting me, like I was in a perfect condition to bear it, and it wouldn’t make a significant difference to me. You’re wrong. An unconscious part of my heart feels that you’re not mine anymore- not the way you used to be. Today, I realize the difference between ‘I am yours’ and ‘You are mine’. With your presence, it felt much the same. I’ll quietly sit and wait for you. I’ll let you slip away, knowing you won’t. If what I know is wrong, then there’s that end to the line, and I can see it. There will be very few people to even consider before the next foot stands on thin air, that too at second thought.
I swear I’ll be waiting here for you, but don’t count on it. Life is a pretty lie.



Today is definitely a different day- I have at least one reason to be happy. My Science MCQ exam went pretty good. I’m loosing 3 marks tops, 6 marks tops in theory. That makes me eligible for an A1, or maybe I’d just get an A2. But I didn’t know I had the possibility of getting an A1, until my friend told me I could get it!

My exams are over today. We’re going […]

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